Exodus: The God Who Rescues

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Israel's exodus from Egypt is one of the most well-known stories of the Old Testament. We tend to remember many of the fascinating details (like the burning bush or the powerful plagues), but the book's main focus is how the Lord revealed Himself as the God who rescues His people. In this study, we will learn about how this incredible story helps us make sense of our lives today by preparing the way for the coming of Christ.

Additional Resources
Exodus chapters 19-40: To hear sermons on chapters 19-40 of Exodus, check out our God Who Renews sermon series.
Bible Project Videos: To help prepare for this study, check out these videos by The Bible Project, which do a great job summarizing the book and key themes in Exodus (and consider checking out their videos on Genesis to gain additional context). You can access the videos here.
Spotify Playlist: At the bottom of this page you'll find a playlist inspired by this Exodus series. This playlist consists of songs we sang on Sundays throughout this series, as well as additional songs that fit the themes we'll study.

November 25, 2018 || Exodus 18

November 18, 2018, Exodus 17

November 11, 2018 || Exodus 15:22-16:36

November 4, 2018 || Exodus 15:1-21

October 28, 2018 || Exodus 14

October 21, 2018 || Exodus 12:28-13:22

October 14, 2018 || Exodus 11-12

October 7, 2018 || Exodus 9-10

September 30, 2018 || Exodus 7-8

September 23, 2018 || Exodus 5-6

September 16, 2018 || Exodus 4

September 9, 2018 || Exodus 3

September 2, 2018 || Exodus 2

August 26, 2018 || Exodus 1:8-22

August 19, 2018 || Exodus 1:1-7 

Exodus (The God Who Rescues) Spotify Playlist

Follow our Exodus (The God Who Rescues) Spotify playlist1 This playlist is made up of songs sung on Sundays during our corporate worship services throughout this series, as well as songs that fit the themes covered in this series.