Exodus: The God Who Renews


As we continue our study of Exodus, we see how the God who rescued His people from Egypt is also committed to renew their hearts and minds. In the beginning of the book, God’s people labored in slavery under the harsh rule of Pharaoh; in the second half, they will learn to serve under the gracious rule of the Lord. Along the way, God will renew His people according to His Word. As we learn about the law and the tabernacle, Christians are reminded that we are not only set free from sin, but have been given new life in Jesus so that we can enjoy His presence and live for His glory. 

Additional Resources
Exodus chapters 1-18: To hear sermons on the first 18 chapters of Exodus, check out our God Who Rescues sermon series.
Bible Project Videos: To help prepare for this study, check out these videos by The Bible Project, which do a great job summarizing the book and key themes in Exodus (and consider checking out their videos on Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy to gain additional context). You can access the videos here.
Spotify Playlist: At the bottom of this page you'll find a playlist inspired by this Exodus series. This playlist consists of songs we sang on Sundays throughout this series, as well as additional songs that fit the themes we'll study.

March 3, 2019 || Exodus 40

February 24, 2019 || Exodus 35-39

February 17, 2019 || Exodus 33-34

February 10, 2019 || Exodus 32

February 3, 2019 || Exodus 28-31

January 27, 2019 || Exodus 25-27

January 20, 2019 || Exodus 23:20-24:18

January 13, 2019 || Exodus 20:1-23:19

Begins January 6, 2019 || Exodus 19

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Spotify Playlist

Follow our Exodus (The God Who Renews) Spotify playlist! This playlist is made up of songs sung on Sundays during our corporate worship services throughout this series, as well as songs that fit the themes covered in this series.