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Ten Words

The Ten Commandments are some of the most recognizable words in the entire Bible, yet they are often among the most misunderstood. How has the coming of Jesus transformed these ancient laws? Do these commandments still matter to Christians today? What does it look like to obey them in today’s world? We will explore these questions and more this summer as we look at the Ten Commandments through the lens of Christ.

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Exodus: The God Who Renews

As we continue our study of Exodus, we see how the God who rescued His people from Egypt is also committed to renew their hearts and minds. In the beginning of the book, God’s people labored in slavery under the harsh rule of Pharaoh; in the second half, they will learn to serve under the gracious rule of the Lord. Along the way, God will renew His people according to His Word. As we learn about the law and the tabernacle, Christians are reminded that we are not only set free from sin, but have been given new life in Jesus so that we can enjoy His presence and live for His glory.

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Exodus: The God Who Rescues

Israel's exodus from Egypt is one of the most well-known stories of the Old Testament. We tend to remember many of the fascinating details (like the burning bush or the powerful plagues), but the book's main focus is how the Lord revealed Himself as the God who rescues His people. In this study, we will learn about how this incredible story helps us make sense of our lives today by preparing the way for the coming of Christ.

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