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Exodus 40 || He Reveals His Glory

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In chapter 40 of Exodus we see Moses and Israel fully obey God’s command to build the tabernacle and consecrate the priests, followed by the climatic moment where God comes down and fills it with His glory. But as glorious as this moment was, we’re reminded the work isn’t finished. This moment ultimately points to a greater moment in our world’s history. The moment Christ came down and dwelt amongst us. The tabernacle, the priests, and even the whole of Exodus is but a ‘foretaste of glory divine’.

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Exodus 35-39 || He Delights in Obedience

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In Exodus 35-39 we see the Israelites doing God honoring work, and we are reminded that Israel’s work didn’t end at the moment of their salvation from Egypt. Rather than working for Pharaoh, Israel now works for God. In these 5 chapters we see 4 answers to the question ‘How do we approach work in a way that delights the Lord?’

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Exodus 33-34 || He Welcomes Us Back

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || Following Israel’s worship of the golden calf in 32 we see in chapters 33 and 34 further consequences for their actions. But in addition to the justice we see, we also see God’s mercy. In chapter 34 God declares He is both merciful and just. So how can God be equally both of these, and what does that mean for us?

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Exodus 32 || He Made Us to Worship

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In Exodus 32 Moses hasn't returned and the Israelites get scared. So the obvious thing to do is make a golden statue of a cow and worship it. Wait, what!? How did the Israelites reach a point where they were convinced this was the right thing to do? Psalm 106 tells us it's because 'they forgot God'. This chapter should serve as a warning to us of what will happen when we forget God and direct our worship towards other things.

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Exodus 25-27 || He Comes Near To Us

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || n Exodus chapters 25 through 27 we are reminded of 3 truths. First, God, though He is all powerful, is also personal and it delights Him to dwell amongst His people. Second, God cares about how He is worshipped, which we see in the careful and detailed instructions He provides on how to build the tabernacle. And thirdly, God will always provide us with what is needed in order to fulfill His commands. Just as He provided the Israelites with the plans and the materials to construct the tabernacle, He provides us with His Spirit who empowers us to walk in accordance with His will. We are running a little behind schedule this week, but yesterday's sermon should be uploaded by this evening. Once it's added you can listen on our website or by podcast. 

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Exodus 23:20-24:18 || He Promises Us a Future

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In these 2 chapters God gives the promises of both victory and relationship to Israel. As we look at these promises we are reminded that His promises are one of the greatest weapons we can wield against the enemy, but also just as this covenant made required death, if we abandon the Lord it will lead to death.

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Exodus 20:1-23:19 || He Shows Us The Way

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In Exodus chapters 20 through 23 God gives the Israelites the 10 commandments, as well as many other commands. As we study these chapters we see that the giving of the Law is a gift, and is used to guide and guard the Israelites. Ultimately though, we see that the Law, both for Israel and us, points us to Christ. As the old Puritan poem goes:

‘Run, John, run, the law commands
But gives us neither feet nor hands,

Far better news the gospel brings:
It bids us fly and gives us wings.’

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Exodus 19 || He Calls us to be Holy

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In Exodus 3 God told Moses to return to Mt. Sinai to worship Him after He rescued the Israelites from Egypt. In Exodus 19 we find the Israelites trembling at the foot of the mountain as the LORD descended on it. Here in this chapter, and the second part of our Exodus series, we are reminded that God didn’t simply rescue Israel from slavery. He rescued them so that He might renew them. God rescues and redeems His people so that we can be holy as He is holy.

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