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Exodus 20:13 || Sanctity of Life

'“Ten Words” Sermon Series || What exactly does the 6th commandment command? How are we to submit ourselves to it? Is it simply a command to not murder? If so do we really even need to take the time to preach on it? Or does it perhaps go deeper than that? Does this command actually call us to show hospitality...even to our enemies? We attempt to answer all these questions in this week’s sermon as we continue our study of the 10 Commandments.

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Romans 14-15:13 || Accept One Another

One Another (The Path of Biblical Community) Series || God's design is for His people to live in biblical community together. But that means we have to do life together and interact with each other, which means we're inevitably going to find ourselves in moments where we don't agree with each other. So what do we do when a bunch of diverse people, from diverse backgrounds, with diverse opinions gather together and don’t see eye to eye on everything all the time? Paul answers that question for us in Romans 14 and 15 by calling us to accept one another.

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