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Exodus 20:1-2 || Ten Words, One Savior

'“Ten Words” Sermon Series || The Ten Commandments are some of the most recognizable words in the entire Bible, yet they are often among the most misunderstood. How has the coming of Jesus transformed these ancient laws? Do these commandments still matter to Christians today? What does it look like to obey them in today’s world? We will explore these questions and more this summer as we look at the Ten Commandments through the lens of Christ. In this introductory message we see in verses 1-2 we three truths about the Law: it’s given by God, it follows the Gospel, and it’s the path of freedom.

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Exodus 20:1-23:19 || He Shows Us The Way

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || In Exodus chapters 20 through 23 God gives the Israelites the 10 commandments, as well as many other commands. As we study these chapters we see that the giving of the Law is a gift, and is used to guide and guard the Israelites. Ultimately though, we see that the Law, both for Israel and us, points us to Christ. As the old Puritan poem goes:

‘Run, John, run, the law commands
But gives us neither feet nor hands,

Far better news the gospel brings:
It bids us fly and gives us wings.’

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Colossians 2:20-23 || United With Christ

Lord of All (A Study of Colossians) Series || In Colossians 2:20-23 we are reminded of the truth that we are united with Christ solely because of Christ's merits. There is nothing we add or contribute to that unity. And this is an important reminder for us so that we can be alert and on guard against the lie that tells us unity with Christ is dependent on our merits and abilities.

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