Exodus 25-27 || He Comes Near To Us

Exodus 25-27 - He Comes Near to Us.jpg

Exodus (The God Who Renews) Series || n Exodus chapters 25 through 27 we are reminded of 3 truths. First, God, though He is all powerful, is also personal and it delights Him to dwell amongst His people. Second, God cares about how He is worshipped, which we see in the careful and detailed instructions He provides on how to build the tabernacle. And thirdly, God will always provide us with what is needed in order to fulfill His commands. Just as He provided the Israelites with the plans and the materials to construct the tabernacle, He provides us with His Spirit who empowers us to walk in accordance with His will. We are running a little behind schedule this week, but yesterday's sermon should be uploaded by this evening. Once it's added you can listen on our website or by podcast.