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Below are songs written and recorded by our musicians for worship. You are welcome to download the audio files and chord charts for your personal use and enjoyment, or to incorporate in church or other worship settings. You may also distribute any of the below material, but please do not alter any of it, or charge a fee. Check back periodically as we hope to add more original songs.



Throughout the book of Mark we see Jesus perform miraculous deeds, only to be followed by doubt and unbelief by others, including His disciples. We are no different. This song was written by some of our pastors and worship leaders for a study through the book of Mark, and it’s a reminder that we must regularly fight to put and keep our hope in the Gospel that we believe brings us life.



Demands live.jpg

The book of Romans reminds us all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and our sin leads to death, but God’s free gift is eternal life through His Son Jesus (Romans 6:23). This song was written by some of our pastors and worship leaders for a study through the book of Romans, and it’s both a song of surrender and celebration.


Arise My Lord

arise my lord graphic.jpg

This was a song written by one of our pastors for a loved one going through a difficult season of life. His goal was to model this song after the Psalms because they are so full of raw emotion, and they don't back down from the questions and doubts that bubble up in our hearts in those hard seasons of life when we can’t sense God’s presence. But ultimately, in the midst of the sorrow, we see the Psalmists direct our eyes away from our problems and back to God. We hope this song will encourage and fill you with hope for while in those hard moments of life.