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Backyard Bible Clubs (Easter Edition)


We are encouraging our Community Groups to host Backyard Bible Clubs this Easter season in their neighborhoods. This will be a great way to meet and mingle with your neighbors, invite them to church, and share the good news of Jesus! Kits are available to help groups put on these clubs. Include in these kits are the Bible lesson (including a set of Resurrection Eggs), song suggestions, game/craft/activity ideas, as well as promotional materials. Below are the PDF files and promo graphics included with the kits for you to download. We ask that each Community Group pick a neighborhood to host at least 1 club, but you are welcome to host more if you want!

Downloadable Material:



During the lesson time take a moment to teach and sing some songs with the children. Consider doing a fun, upbeat and interactive song (like Father Abraham) before the lesson to help get the kids attention, and then after the lesson do another song or 2 for the children, and then close the time by singing a verse of something familiar, like Amazing Grace. To help engage the children, consider incorporating hand motions or incorporating other fun twists. Keep in mind you don't need to be musical to do this! Make a joyful noise to the Lord (doesn't say anything about it sounding good!) Below is a Youtube playlist of some suggested kid songs. Be sure to watch them to hear how they go and/or see motions or other fun ideas to incorporate.

You can download the lyrics for the following songs here.

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