By Kevin Archie, Ian Franklin, Jacob Nelson, Shane Parker, Brian Petree, Luke Syfert, and Hart Traylor
Verse 5 by Edward Mote

: VERSE 1 :
I'm giving up on my demands
The mess I've wrought with my own hands
This self-made hope it disappoints

: VERSE 2 :
There's no one good, none understand
Our poison lips curse You again
But grace abounds And reaches out

Oh hallelujah to the One
Who came to set this captive free
These chains I'd earned, His wrath deserved
By grace I'm free

: VERSE 3 :

Death, nor life, no living thing
Heaven, Hell, and all between
Cannot tear us from Your love

: VERSE 4 :

I've fallen short, I've felt death's sting
Redeeming love through suffering
He bore my shame, now I bear His name

: VERSE 5 :
My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
I wholly trust in Jesus' name