Arise My Lord

By Hart Traylor

: Verse 1 :
How long O Lord will You forget me?
How long will You hide Your face from me?
And how long must I wrestle alone with my thoughts and sorrows?
O God, have You forsaken me?

: Verse 2 :
Out of depths I cry to you, please hear my voice O God.
Let your ears be attentive to my cries for mercy.
Have You rejected me God? For my eyes have failed in their search for You.
O God, have You forsaken me?

: Chorus :
Look down on me and answer.
O Lord, my God, give light to my eyes.
Make Your face shine upon me.
Lord be not deaf, please hear my desperate cries!
Arise my Lord! Awaken Your might!
O God, be not far away, come quickly and save me!

: Verse 3 :
Why O Lord do You stand so far off in times of trouble?
Why do You hide Yourself when I need You?
O my God I cry out by day and by night but You don’t answer me.
O God, have You forsaken me?

: Bridge :
From the ends of the earth I call to You as my heart grows faint.
But my eyes are fixed on You O Sovereign Lord!

: Final Chorus :
I put my trust in Your unfailing love, where my heart finds joy!
And I will sing a song to You O Lord for You have been so good!
You lay burdens on my back so I can be refined!
All praise to You Lord! My loving and just God!

(Scripture Reference: Psalm 13:1-2; 5-6, 22:1-2, 38:21-22, 39:12, 60:1, 61:2, 66:8-12, 80:2-3, 83:2, 130, 141:8)